2018 Continuing Education Requirements

All agents must now have 18 hours of Continuing Education (CE). This 18 hours must include TREC Legal Update 1 (4 hours) and TREC Legal Update 2 (4 hours).

If you are a broker that sponsors sales agents or you are a sales agent that supervises other agents, you must also include in your 18 hours the Broker Responsibility Course (BRC) which is 6 hours. However, anyone can take the BRC for elective credit and it is a great course for everyone!

I will be doing an 18-hour package at the 4 HAR locations again! It will be done over three days. 8 hours of Legal 1 and Legal 2 on the first day, 6 hours of class on the second (either BRC or two 3-hour courses), and the remaining 4 hours on the third day. The 3 days may not be back-to-back, but should be in the same week (most of the time). Or you can break it up and just do the courses on different days as fits your schedule.